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Valokuvat ovat aihepiireittäin aikajärjestyksessä, siten että uusimmat kuvat ovat aina sivun yläreunassa.
Jos haluat jonkin kuvan isompi kokoisena, tai kopioida jonnekin muualle, ilmoitathan Mikalle.
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Lake "Kuusijärvi" 28.1.2012

Snow on the terrace tables.

Winter-swimmers, temperature = -12C

A large hole for the winter-swimmers.

Summer-swimmers can swim here.

Moon in the sky and snow on the trees.

The Sauna for winter-swimmers.

Snow is heavy for some trees.

Trees bending oves skiing path.

A long weekend in Rome 20-23.1.2012

On the roof of Castel Sant Angelo.
From the left: Toni Rautio, Matti Rautio, Jani Rautio, Monika Rautio and Marina Rautio.

Getting on the plane at Tampere Airport.

Ryanair cabin inside.

Termini main railway station in Rome.

Termini station inside.

The metro in Rome was very colourful.

The metro inside was crowded sometimes.

The Colosseum.

Gladiators outside the Colosseum.

Mika inside the Colosseum.

Marina inside the Colosseum.

Ruins at the night.

The "Cream Cake" at night.

The "Cream Cake" at day light.

An aqueduct in Rome.

The Pantheon.

The Pantheon inside (4m hole in the roof).

An icecream bar.

Icecream selection.

Icecream cones.

More icecream selection.

Jani buying icecream.

More icecream selection.

Piazza Navona.

Piazza Navona.

The Spanish Steps.

A view toward the St Pieter´s Basilica.

Mika in front of St Pieter´s Basilica.

Inside St Pieter´s Basilica.

Inside St Pieter´s Basilica.

Inside a shop of tobacco.

A large selection of ties.

In a shoe shop.

Towards Vatican Museum early in the morning.

Inside Vatican.

A view over Rome from Vatican.

Inside Vatican.

A roof vith rich decorations.

End of the corridor.

Cars of Vatican workers.

A painting of Rafaello, who is second from right.

The fountain of Trevi.

The fountain of Trevi.

The bridge of Sant Angelo.

Roof of the Panthenon.

The Cream Cake.


Some white vine for a good price! 2,90 a bottle.

Some beer for a good price! 1,39 a bottle.

A day in Stockholm on 6.1.2012

An official portrait.

Our cabin on 11th floor with a window and a TV.

Having a cup of coffee at the Promenade.

Promenade inside the ship from an upper level.

Christmas decoration on the Promenade.

Trapeze show on the Promenade.

Some shoppings on the cruise.

In the night club.

An other photo in the nigth club.

Closing to Stockholm in the morning dark.

An other ship behind us.

Having breakfast before going to the city.

Monika and Matti in "Tunnelbana" (underground).

Getting to Globen Skyview.

Another console from outside.

First great views from Globen Skyview.

Stockhom from the bird-eye perspective.

Another wiev over Stockholm.

More views over Stockholm.

Marketplace "Sergels torg".

"Half price until Midsummer".

Large shopping centre "Gallerien".

A huge man made out of Legos behind Matti.

a cup of coffee in Gallerien.

A cup of hot chocolate with cream.

Back in Helsinki. Waterbus going to Suomenlinna.

Helsinki from the sea.

The sun started shining.

Ships in Helsinki center.

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